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Themed Brochures


The Science of Marine Reserves (PISCO bookmark) (555 KB pdf)

Nesting seabirds of Oregon's marine reserves and protected areas (5MB pdf)

Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership Rack Card (4MB pdf)


Hiking trails and viewing Oregon's marine reserves (2.3MB)

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Volunteer Opportunities (1 MB)

Volunteer Opportunities Rack Card  volunteer opportunities rack card back

The Nature Conservancy Habitat Habitat Maps of Oregon's Marine Reserves

Cape Falcon Marine Reserve Habitat Map

Cape Falcon Marine Reserve (5.4 MB)
Otter Rock Marine Reserve (5 MB)
Cascade Head Marine Reserve (5.8 MB)
Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve (5.6 MB)
Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve (5.1 MB)



Breeding Origins of Seabirds Foraging in the California Current System off Oregon

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Cascade Head FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

These site-specific FAQs provide answers to the most commonly asked questions relative to Oregon's marine reserves and protected areas.


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Site-specific and Statewide brochures

Site-specific brochures provide a description of each marine reserve and associated protected area, and includes coordinates, regulations, and recreational uses allowed.