OMRP 2016 Marine Reserve Summit

The Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership and The Nature Conservancy co-hosted a marine reserves summit February 24-25, 2016 in Cannon Beach, Oregon to convene key Oregon stakeholders to embrace scientific understanding and public engagement of Oregon’s marine reserves and define opportunities for underrepresented stakeholders to participate in all aspects of marine reserve implementation. The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Share information about current marine reserve status and activities completed to date.
  • Define the role of Oregon’s marine reserves within the context of emerging marine trends on the West Coast and how they are projected to affect Oregon’s coastal ecosystem.
  • Foster new partner opportunities, enthusiasm, resources and expertise to support scientific research and public engagement in Oregon’s marine reserves.

 For summit photos:

Cannon Beach 
Surfsand Resort 


Conference poster


Welcome (P. Engelmeyer, OMRP Co-Chair)

The Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership (L. DeBruyckere, OMRP)

A Tour of Oregon's Marine Reserves (C. Don, ODFW)

Sustainable Tourism and Marine Reserves and Protected Areas (A. Nelson, NOAA Marine Protected Areas Center)

The Economics of Oregon's Marine Reserves (M. Hinz- Kayak Tillamook County, J. Wong - CSF Garibaldi, T. Flood - The Schooner Restaurant and Lounge, D. Lacey - South Coast Tours, LLC)

Citizen Science and Marine Reserve Monitoring (R. Meyer, California Ocean Science Trust)

An Overview of Citizen Science Conducted in Oregon's Marine Reserves (D. Vander Schaaf - The Nature Conservancy, J. Liebezeit - Portland Audubon)

Key Challenges and Opportunities to Interacting with the Public on Site (B. Hoeh, US Forest Service)

Learning and Adapting: Ecological Monitoring and Research in Oregon's Reserves (B. Huntington, ODFW)

Global Trends in Marine Reserves: The Effects of Designating "Special" Marine Places (K. Grorud-Colvert, PISCO)

What We're Learning from Oregon's Marine Reserves (S. Heppell, Oregon State University)

Defining Success with Oregon's Marine Reserves: What Does it Look Like in 2023 and Beyond? (All)