Photo Contest Rules



There are two entry levels (a separate category and prizes for each) - all entrants must be at least 18 years of age by October 15, 2015

• Amateur photographer (an amateur photographer is anyone who earns less than 10% of their income selling their photography)
• Professional photographers


Contest Categories

There are three contest categories: People, Landscapes, and Fish and Wildlife – tell your story of how you connect to Oregon’s marine reserves and protected areas through these three lenses!


Contest Schedule

The contest officially opens May 1 at 8am and closes October 15 at 5pm.


Photo Contest Judging

All winning photos will be prominently displayed on the Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership website at All photos will be judged both by popular vote (members of the public will be able to vote for their favorite photo) as well as by the OMRP judging committee, which includes professional photographer Jason Waicunas of Outdoor Viewfinder.


Photo formats

Photos must be taken in close proximity (viewing distance) of one of Oregon’s five marine reserves and associated protected areas. Plants and animals depicted in photos should be native fish and wildlife, not invasive or non-native species. Photos may be submitted in color or black and white.

The photographs must be submitted in digital format. All digital files submitted must be 20MB or smaller, must be in JPG or JPEG format, and must be at least 1,600 pixels wide (if a horizontal format) or 1,600 pixels tall (if a vertical format).

Images may be digitally altered after they were taken only if using standard optimizing techniques (such as cropping or other procedures that can also be done in a darkroom) or if creating High Dynamic Range (HDR) images; modified images must not be manipulated beyond the reality that existed when the photograph was taken.
Photos depicting artistic special effects cannot be included in this contest. Instagram and other similar filters add artistic effects to photos and are therefore not eligible.
Photographs submitted must be the original work and exclusive property of the photographer.
The Marine Mammal Protection Act makes it a violation of federal law to interfere with the natural behavior of marine mammals. The National Marine Fisheries Service recommends that photographers stay at least 100 yards away from whales; 50 yards away from dolphins; 50 yards away from seals and sea lions when they are swimming, and 100 feet away when they are on land. In addition, sea otters are protected by the Endangered Species Act, which also prohibits harassment or interference with their behavior. Photographers entering this contest must abide by these guidelines and maintain a safe distance from marine mammals.
A maximum of three photos per entrant may be submitted. Please do not submit more than three different images. If more than three photos are received from a single entrant, only three will be selected for consideration.


Photo Contest Waiver

To view the photo contest waiver, click here.