Oregon Marine Reserves Strategy Species


Oregon's nearshore is the area from the coastal high tide line offshore to 180 feet. Oregon's Nearshore Strategy is a document produced by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife that describes nearshore species, habitats and factors potentially or currently affecting Oregon's nearshore environment, and begins to define both ecological and social linkages influencing the nearshore ecosystem.


Oregon's Nearshore Team identified strategy species, or those species in greatest need of management attention. Oregon's strategy species have significant nearshore management or conservation issues based on species status, ecological importance, vulnerability to human or natural factors, or economic/social/cultural importance. The team identified 53 nearshore species.


The Nearshore Team also identified several species to be placed on a Watch List. Watch List species are important nearshore species that do not require immediate management action but may in the future.

The Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership is a fiscally sponsored project of The Ocean Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.