Videos of Oregon's Marine Reserves and Protected Areas

              Common Ground III: Oregon's Network of Marine Reserves and Marine Protected Areas – 18:00      
The third film in the Common Ground series conveys the most current information on    designating a network of marine reserves in Oregon. Learn about Oregon's proposed network of marine reserves and protected areas from scientists, coastal community leaders and business owners.
Strange Beauty in Oregon’s Ocean – 4:00      
Ever wonder what lurks beneath Oregon’s Ocean?
Watch this new short video from Green Fire to catch a glimpse of the amazing life beneath the waves.
Common Ground II: Oregon’s Ocean Legacy - 15:00       
Establishing a network of marine reserves and marine protected areas is in step with Oregon’s history of protecting our natural resources for present and future generations. Protecting our ocean will be a proud legacy for fishermen, coastal communities, indeed for all Oregonians.
Common Ground: Oregon’s Ocean - Full length program - 28:00
Check out the film that put marine reserves on Oregon's radar screen. Learn about our ocean, the threats to ocean health and the benefits of a network of marine reserves.

Tidepools to Rocky Reefs, It's All Connected

The Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership is a fiscally sponsored project of The Ocean Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.